golden retriever$$$$ Several ways to afford to take care of your pet $$$$

We expect payment at time of service. This being said, we also take into consideration the emergencies that come up like a pet becoming severely ill, hit by a car, poisoned. The cost can by expensive for these situations and should be talked about when you meet with the Doctors.

Regular visits to the Vet can add up. Wellness visits, Heartworm test, vaccinations, minor problems can be something a pet owner puts off because of the cost. Here are several options for you:

Health Savings Account – Try putting $5, $10, $20 toward your account when you can. You have a pet, you will have a bill, so why not plan for it. When your visit is due, you have a credit on your account and could walk away not worrying about the bill.

Having a credit on your account could pay for heartworm and flea products. We usually have rebates and free doses when bought in multiple doses.

dvm (69)Prevention is your best insurance

Giving your pet heartworm prevention will definitely be cheaper than the treatment of heartworm! It just takes one mosquito to give your pet heartworm. Think your dog has too much hair to get a mosquito bite?? What about it’s nose, lips, inside the ears and pads of their feet. All nice warm places for a mosquito to aim for.

Think you keep your dog or cat inside and don’t feel it’s possible for heartworm to be an issue??? I don’t know about you, but I’m a closed window and door home and yet I see an occasional mosquito in my home. Did I bring it in? maybe…. No one knows which mosquito has the particular capability to give your pet heartworm. IT JUST TAKES ONE!

Flea protection can prevent anemia in your pet. Each flea needs to bite and drink blood to stay alive. Imagine all those bites and each one taking nutrients from your pet. We see it all the time. Try this test… if you see fleas on your pet, scratch their skin and see what falls off to a towel or light colored floor, counter etc. Then add some water to the dirt that has fallen off. What happens? … it will turn red from blood dirt the fleas leave behind. This will weaken your pets immune system. Give them a fighting chance and provide flea protection. Ask about our products!

Tick protection is just as important! Ticks can carry many diseases. If you see one, make sure you get the whole tick off! We sell a product that kills the flea immediately and makes it easy to remove. Hunters love it for their animals and themselves. Did you know if you touch a tick, you can get the same diseases! So have some tweezers or gloves for getting them off. Ask about our products!

dvm (84)So you think products are cheaper on the “other online sites?”

Yes… you will see a cheaper price some of these “online” stores. But all we can say is be careful. These products are not guaranteed by the manufacturer and the manufacturer will not help you with any problems with your pet. Buying your heartworm products from us will be backed by the company. If your pet somehow gets heartworm, YOU will not be responsible for the treatment if you can show that you have kept your pet on prevention medication. YOU will not get any support from online companies.

If you feel you want to use another product or your pet is now outside of the weight requirement of the dose you have, you can return it to us. You can not return product online.

Saving a few pennies is not worth the backing by your veterinarian, manufacturer and your conscience.