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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you accepting new patients?

Yes! We look forward to meeting you and your furry family member soon.

Where do I take my pet in case of an emergency?

We can see your pet for emergencies during our normal business hours. If possible, please try to call ahead so we can prepare for your pet and help them as quickly as possible.

For after hours, please contact UrgentVet or Carolina Animal Specialty & Emergency.

What types of pets do you treat?

We see dogs and cats.

If you have a bird, reptile, pocket pet, or other type of exotic pet, we recommend contacting All Hearts Animal Hospital or Medicine Man.

Do you offer billing or payment plans?

We are unable to offer billing or payment plans and must collect payment at the time of service. However, we recommend CareCredit, which offers very affordable payment plans and interest-free plans. You can apply for CareCredit and, if approved, use it the same day of your visit.

Should I get pet insurance?

Pet insurance can be a wonderful investment for many pets especially young, healthy pets, healthy pets. This could save you money in the long term. Please visit our Pet Insurance page for more information.

My pet hates going to the vet. What should I do?

While it’s normal for pets to feel a little nervous at the doctor’s office, we go out of our way to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during their visit. But remember, the process starts at home, so we’re also here to give you advice on how to travel to us without too much stress to either you or your pet!

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Get your cat used to their carrier by leaving it out in the house a few days to weeks ahead of time. That way, they won’t hide when they see it.
  • Get your dog used to the car ahead of time by taking a few short rides just for fun. Then they’ll be less likely to feel stress during the journey here.
  • Staying calm will help your pet to feel calm. Often, pets pick up on our emotions.
  • Bring your dog in for a social visit or weigh-in to get them used to coming into the office without an actual doctor visit.

I just found a pet. What should I do?

If the pet is friendly and safe to pick up, you’re welcome to bring them here for a microchip scan. We’ll use a special scanner to check for any identification chips, which may help to identify if the pet has a family. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep the pet at our hospital.

How do I transfer my pet’s record from a previous clinic?

Simply call your previous vet office to request a copy of your records. You can either bring them with you or you can request to have them sent directly to our email at

Do you offer health certificates?

Yes! We offer interstate health certificates as required for traveling from state to state within the U.S.

For international health certificates—for travel abroad, and travel to Hawaii—please call ahead of time to let us know the details of your travel plans.

I work during the day and can’t make it during your appointment times. What should I do?

We offer a convenient drop-off option so you can leave your pet here with us for the day. We’ll take great care of them. Be sure to leave enough time in the morning to fill out the appointment form, and for us to ask any questions if needed. Then, one of our doctors will give you a call after your pet’s physical exam and explain the plan and recommendations. We do recommend calling ahead to schedule your appointment as a drop-off.